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This hand-knotted Fire Cherry Quartz mala brings calm, reassurance and clarity.

Beads: 108 – 6mm beads
Primary bead: Fire Cherry Quartz
Primary Guru Bead: Clear Quartz
Companion Guru Bead: Rose Quartz
Approximate necklace length: 21 inches

Chakra: Crown & Heart

Attributes & Healing Properties
The combination of quartz crystals brings calm, reassurance and is very valuable in times of stress or crisis.

Large Guru Bead: Known as a master healer, clear Crystal Quartz stimulates the immune system, balances the body and brings clarity. This crystal contains every color possible so it works on all levels of the body and harmonizes the chakras.

Companion Guru Bead: Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, self-nurturing and self-compassion.

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